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April 7, 2021 Total Behavior: Driving Your Behavior Car with Carleen Glasser – The mind is a complicated thing, who can understand it?  Or is it? Dr. William Glasser created a colorful chart depicting Total Behavior via the mechanics of an automobile. In this segment, Dr. Glasser’s widow, Carleen Glasser, explains the simplicity of how Choice Theory is used to recognize why and how we behave. Carleen shares overcoming strategies for those all-too-common difficult situations, whether for self or to help others.

April 14, 2021 Connect through Getting to Know Your Students with Robert J. Martin, teacher educator, and psychologist - Focus on creative ways of getting to know your students, individually and corporately, as part of increasing achievement for all students. Chapter 2: Connect and Involve: How to Connect with Students and Involve Them in Learning

April 21, 2021 What Makes a Quality School with James Mishler – A quick review of what it means to be a Glasser Quality School.

April 28,2021 Statements Incompatible with Choice Theory by Wendall Walker, MBA, Ed.S., Senior Faculty Instructor. Learning and Integrating Choice Theory?  Hit the DELETE key on these common everyday statements.