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July 6th - Perceived World and Perception with Ruth Shannon - Choice Theory teaches that our perceived world is our reality. How can two people share an experience, situation, or event and have two totally different perceptions of the experience or outcome.

July 13th - Prolonged Exposure to Traumatic Events Impacts Spiritual Interpersonal Relationships with Wesley Hartman, PhD Dr. Glasser stated that psychological problems is related to a relationship issue. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) have unique experiences based on their perceptions of the information received from the real world through the five senses forming. The LEO’s perception of optimism, support system, family relationships, spirituality, and an interpersonal characteristic serve as protective factors in traumatic events. Negative aspects of society while performing duties often results in a negative change in spiritual and interpersonal perceptions. The negative change between the perceived world and quality world in LEO’s cognitive spiritual image after prolonged exposure to work-related traumatic events is consistent with tenets of choice theory. 

July 20th - Evolution of Total Behavior, Levels 1 & 2 with Lynn Sumida Dr. Glasser pioneered the concept of Total Behavior and how behavior can be understood and used for change. The metaphor of the flow reflects how the whole system operates. With emerging science adding to our understanding of the brain, we now have more information. 

July 27th - Evolution of Total Behavior, Level 3 with Lynn Sumida Level 1 took us through the basics. Level two stretched us to new dimensions such as plasticity. Level 3 is a dive into deep waters of how we can consciously participate in our brain’s development, and quicker changes.