Making Sense of It

Topics include a wide range of areas from career growth, grief counseling, parenting tots to unruly teens, managing diversity in the workplace, weight loss, dating, dealing with difficult people among others and more. Hosted by Basic Instructor, Mona Dunkin, learn from our expert instructors by attending weekly and asking questions. See schedule below.

Coming Up...

July 8, 2020, Imagine the GIFCT of Diversity with Gloria Cisse - Dr. Glasser spoke of enjoying the song Imagine by John Lennon. Preparing for this discussion I could not imagine a conversation that did not include the current unrest in our country.  Let us employ what Dr. Glasser taught us and we know by experience about the how and why of human behavior to impact the current condition and the relationships in our country?  This is a conversation I am starting and invite you to accompany me.  Please join us.   


July 15, 2020 White Privilege in Changing Times with Kim Olver- There will be something for everyone as Kim helps us better understand the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how one’s white privilege can be used for good. Through the Choice Theory perspective, see how to navigate the confusing current events with a courageous conversation necessary to create change. 


July 22, 2020 Turning “Why Me?” into “I’ve Got This!” with Jan More - When an ill-fated event happens, thoughts often turn to looking for someone or something to blame and asking “Why me?” Join in as Jan recounts how she recovered from such an ill-fated event. After evaluating her options, she was able to redirect her energy from focusing on who wronged her to what she could do to recover from the experience. Dealing with her incident is consistent with the concepts of Choice Theory and can be used as inspiration for others who find themselves asking “Why me?” or looking outside of themselves for relief. It was her ability to focus internally and change her mindset to “I’ve Got This!”, that gave Jan the motivation to successfully work through a not-so-good situation.


July 29, 2020 Total Behavior with Marty Price Dr. Glasser considered Total Behavior his crowning insight, and Marty agrees wholeheartedly.  He explores how understanding one’s Total Behavior of Thinking, Acting, Feelings and Physiology gives more effective control of the direction of one’s life. How empowering it is that one can change their feelings and thoughts. And how freeing it is when one understands they have control over feelings such as depression or fear of trying.

And beyond... a six week series with Brian Patterson on Leadership.  

Choice Theory Leadership Workshops

August 5, 2020 Communicating the Vision and Gaining Buy-in with Brian Patterson - We will focus on how to create the picture, so everyone is on the same page. How can a leader express their own preferences without imposing on the self- determination of employees? Where do I find the balance between their needs, my needs and those of the organization?


August 12, 2020 Facilitating Social-Emotional Learning  with Brian Patterson - SEL is one of the latest ‘flavors- of- the month’ in leadership topics. However, there are some especially important components, based in Choice Theory, that will enhance the productivity, quality, retention in the workplace and have impact for many months! These really aren’t ‘soft skills’; they are human skills!


August 19, 2020 Earning Trust to Move Ahead with Brian Patterson - As a leader, you can’t do it without them! Explaining how leaders can quickly build trust and improve efficiency is the heart of this workshop. Stephen M. R. Covey explained by Choice Theory!


August 26, 2020 Co-Creating Solutions with Brian Patterson - Today’s leadership is a partnership. The leader does better as the leader empowers the workers. Tools for the conversations that lead to solutions. Lean and Choice Theory.


September 2, 2020 Creating Value with Brian Patterson - Giving leaders the tools to create valuable employees, value to the organization, and ‘take- home’ values for themselves. Presenting ready-to-use tools for the value enhancing events in the workplace. 

September 9, 2020 Long-Lasting Personal Growth for Leaders and Those They Lead – with Brian Patterson - There are simple concepts and tools that are easily remembered and fun to use. The concepts can be put into use immediately and for a lifetime. Leaders who consistently use these tools will reap the personal benefits now and 20 years from now!

 Brian Patterson, M Ed, M Psych, CTRTC

·       Educational leader

·       Business leadership

·       Leadership Consultant & Coach 

“It has been a blessing to me being taught leadership concepts by Brian as I am a better leader for all he has taught and for the time he has invested in my learning and development.”

- Denise, recent learner