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January 5 - Teaching the World Choice Theory with Ivan Honey – Simple and Proven Choice Theory “Get Happier” programming that helps build a positive and dynamic school and community, even in these challenging times.  Ivan Honey is a best-selling author in Victoria, Australia, who has worked with principals, counselors, families, and teachers cross six continents. 

January 12 – Structured Reality Therapy with Jay Steven Levin - The word "structure,’ isn’t a four-letter word. For some of us though (counselors, clients, those we work with, personal relationships and friends) the idea of relying on a tight structural approach can sound restrictive and therefore nasty.

Dr. Glasser shows us the power of following a structured and focus questioning track can lead to surprisingly positive results when applied to marriage or any relationship counseling approach. Learn this simple defined approach to Reality Therapy usage and see the potential of its positive impact and benefit.

January 19 - Projects that Use Teams with Robert J. Martin, Challenging projects that involve students increase higher-order learning, key skills, and understanding of big ideas--and give teachers a chance to do things they want to do without subtracting from time learning. Chapter 11 - Connect and Involve

January 26 – Choice Theory and Vedanta with Jay Steven Levin - Vedantic philosophy and psychology date back over 5000 years ago deep into India’s history of wisdom and inspiration. Walk with Jay through Dr. Glasser’s chart to discover the rich Similar Web of how the brain and total behavior work.