January 3 – Every day is a New Year - One of the beautiful things about life is that we are always in the now.  Whether remembering past joys or sorrows, whether anticipating or dreading an upcoming event, our total behavior can only be active in the now.  Right here. Today.  This minute.  Whether each today is painful or pleasurable, depends a great deal on the choices we make. 

January 10 - Pay Attention to Attention. Physiologically we adapt to whatever state we frequent the most, and that becomes our personality.  We become so familiar with our habits and attitudes that we often consider having no alternatives.  When you are in such a quandary - those times when you are genuinely engaged with you being you – give focused attention to understand whether you wish to continue to imprint these thoughts, actions, attitudes, and infirmities into your cellular memory.

January 17 - Emotional Transformation – A little information does a body good.  Dr. Glasser’s Total Behavior language and lens unites our brain with all organs and cells in the body to run smoothly.    

January 24 – Artificial Intelligence – Is its cute name a disclaimer? As in smart, but not genuine? What are guidelines for authenticity?

January 31 – Love and Belonging – All of the basic needs intertwine for a cohesive wholeness.