July 4th -  No meeting – Have a Great 4th

July 11th - Reinforcing Boundaries – With lay-offs and role reversals, boundaries become clouded.  Here are some thoughts for seeing afresh while being true to yourself.

July 18th - Conflicting Emotions- The need for our life to matter is a critical need that cannot be denied. Each person is wonderful, special, and important. One life is worth no more or no less than another. Still, there remain two problems:  1) Thinking you are somebody.  2) Thinking you are nobody.

July 25th - Moving on Down the Road - After forty years in the wilderness, Moses proclaimed “We have stayed around this mountain too long.” What wilderness have you been in far too long? How did you get stuck? Why did you stay stuck? More importantly, how can you get unstuck? Insights to aid moving on down the road to success.