March 1, 2021 Nature or Nurture?  Who are we and why do we do the things we do? Not that we will solve this ancient question, but we will take some interesting trails to possibilities, discovery, and enlightenment.  

March 8, 2021 Living in Full Expression – What does it mean to ‘get real?’ And is it possible?  We will look at a three-sided graph of Structure, Behavior and Functions, plus the needed input and output for healthy cells/genes and life.     

March 15, 2021 Steps to Authenticity – Each person is unique, special, and gifted with talents and personality. Yet, a strength taken to extreme becomes a liability.  Join as we discuss positive character qualities and how they can be misused and/or misunderstood.     

March 22, 2021 Care-Fronting and Leveling – There are times when an on-going issue needs to be broached and resolved. But confrontation is so difficult.  I like to see it as care-fronting.  It is caring enough about self and others that you graciously address the problem.  

March 29, 2021 Recovery Is…  Many people make and break resolutions. Fail at attempts to change. Set goals and take a wrong turn. Is it just human nature? Or a failure to set short term signposts of success?  Recovery is a journey and each step matters.  We will look at axioms to help you recognize you may be closer than it seems.