Mondays have received a bad rap. Greet the Week is a way of bringing sunshine and good cheer into your workweek. Life is all about perception, so when you think and act differently, more positive feelings and healthier physiology follow. Guaranteed. 

September 7, 2020:  Happy Labor Day - no broadcast

September 14, 2020: Stand Up for What You Believe

Standing up for what you believe can be difficult. At first, you may feel a bit uncomfortable and are uncertain about how others will respond to your boldness. By utilizing the concepts of Choice Theory, there are ways to think through the potential benefits and pitfalls of speaking up. From this evaluation, you can decide whether it’s now time to speak up.


Join Mona and Jan and we discuss various scenarios and the decision-making process about whether it’s in your best interest to stand up for what you believe.


September 21, 2020 - What a Time to be Alive! 

Reality is what happens because it is supposed to happen, meaning that all the conditions were met for it to happen or it would not have happened.  Pandemic, Racial issues, Environmental concerns of storms, depletion, weather changes, - We literally are all in this together – worldwide - everything can be viewed as a cosmic-sized transition. Solving problems does not, of itself, bring unity.  And today is Peace day.  Join Jan and Mona for an interesting discussion. 


September 28, 2020 - The ABC’s of Mindfulness.  

Things are a changing.  We five sensory beings are awakening to a higher truth that, not only are we multi-sensory but also are co-creators of everything we do and the world in which we live.  Wow. Maybe we need to be a little more mindful of that.  Join Jan and Mona as they discuss paying attention to current thoughts and actions for more rewarding results and peace. 


October 5, 2020: The Obstacle is the Way

Many people dread the obstacles and roadblocks that can come their way. What if you were to change your mindset about those obstacles and look at them as opportunities? Think about problems you’ve overcome in the past. How did you feel when you worked through them? What lessons did you learn?


Join Mona and Jan as they discuss ways to find opportunities in the obstacles.