Mondays have received a bad rap. Greet the Week is a way of bringing sunshine and good cheer into your workweek. Life is all about perception, so when you think and act differently, more positive feelings and healthier physiology follow. Guaranteed. 

June 1, 2020:  Is Coercion Ever a Justified Response?
It may be the law, but is it acceptable to attempt to coerce another person to obey? What if someone’s life is in danger? What if you have a genuine fear that you will be negatively impacted? Is it your right to let others know that they’re engaging in “dangerous” behavior? Is there anything wrong with merely allowing natural consequences to occur?

June 8, 2020:  What Are Good Coping Mechanisms?

William Glasser stated that all behavior is purposeful. That means that everything you do is done for a reason. You may not be aware of what that reason is, but the things you do fill a need. So, in a sense, whatever you do is a means of coping.

June 15, 2020: The Rest of the Story

What is the meaning of a freak power outage? To cancel the presentation?  Time for self-evaluation? Allow for new information?  There is always a new chapter to life.  Join Jan and Mona as we pickup Mona’s insights into allowing other viewpoints. 


June 22, 2020: The Question of Evil.  

To agree and align? Or react and rebel?  Both produce negative end results. Join Jan and Mona as they look at the possibilities and limits of forgiveness.  

June 29, 2020: Happy Birthday, America!

The USA will be celebrating 244 years as an independent country. So many things have occurred during those two and a half centuries to create who we are today!