Online Basic Training

Step 1 towards Choice Theory/Reality Therapy Certification

  • Online Course

    The online course consists of several videos that were produced by certified or faculty members of the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory - US. A copy of the script for each video is provided to enhance your learning experience.

  • Instructors

    When you sign up for the course, you will be assigned a mentor who is a Faculty member of William Glasser International. This person will be available to you to answer questions.

  • Role Plays

    In order to complete the course, you will be asked to participate in 4 two-hour role plays. You can choose your role play instructors from the Faculty directory. You received a link to that directory when you signed up for the course.

Course curriculum


For maximum benefit, the course should be completed within 90 days. After that time, the student will no longer be able to access the course materials. Extensions may be granted upon extenuating circumstances.

Refunds will only be made for the value of the role play part of the course, which is a maximum of $300. The value of any interaction with mentors or role play instructors will be deducted from that maximum amount. Refunds will only be honored within 30 days of purchase.

Online Course with Role Plays

This is the complete package for completing step 1 in the certification process for Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

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