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June 26th -  Learning Communities with Nancy Herrick (recast)

In Glasser Quality Schools and districts that are attempting to increase student achievement, the structure of Learning Communities has been proven to enhance the quality of student engagement and success.  What does it take to create a Learning Community?  What are the differences between Learning Communities and traditional classroom structures?  Join this session on some of the newer research into the components of successful classroom design and system thinking.

July 3rd - Get Your Past Experiences Out of Your Way as a Parent Bilijana Dimovski 

It’s true! If we choose to, we can let our past shape who we are today. One area in life where this is quite evident is parenthood. When the baby(s) comes and the hours of sleeplessness start piling up, more times than not we tend to default to what we know; and what we know comes directly from our past experiences. But what we know and have experienced in the past may not be what our child needs from us now!

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